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Note: I am not one of those Therapist whom massages the stomach, Feet, hands, I also do cranial work if asked ( not every one likes the cranium massages due to having to work after, I do not stop mid thigh, the leg muscles join your buns, so therefore that gets massaged also. It's amazing the Glutes are missed when they have more pressure points and causes well basically a pain in the @SS!  When I say full body that's what it is except the groin area and that is massaged in Medical Pelvic Floor Work only this is an add on ( sexual health massage) and please read the price page before you say Medical Pelvic Floor Work also. This is a very exhilarating massage and also can be extremely powerful as in WOW!

Healing many aches and pains

Caution: If you have a fever or any symptoms of "flu" like problems, coughing, or any think I listed on the research studies please go to your doctor or hospital.


Light Touch Massages

In my office its called Pelvic Area MassageA light touch massage or sensual massage is a touch that helps to relax the body and send comfort signals to the brain as well as other nerve endings. Its  very light  using finger tips or light handed.  This type of massage is not a "sexual massage" when in fact it is not sure it does send some arousal signals but so does any other massage.  Reduces stress and anxiety, it is not necessarily for getting rid of actual problems resulting from tense muscles.   Use of this technique is in many different varieties of speed, direction of movements, (to help circulation)  

Elderly people or ones that may bruise easily or do not like harsh pressure can easily achieve relaxation. Just plain comforting.

 Swedish Massage: A very relaxing massage that has long smooth  movements that goes along  your muscles, provides a very pleasant feel of wholesomeness. The pressure is up to you from  light to pretty close to a deep tissue.

massages for your entire well being , headaches, anxiety, depression, and the new you.        Decreased anxiety.

relax and be stress free GarfieldDeep Tissue 

( harder if you can handle it) this massage can be somewhat medium to extreme pressure depending on the person, I use a lot of pressure point therapy, ( I don't stay on the same problem for more than five or ten  minutes at a time, that to me is a waste, unless necessary.)  This is also used for focus on certain muscle strains, or over active muscle/ nerves. Deep tissue also has been noted to last for a longer period of time in between massages. On the flip side of it you may experience slight aches within 24 hrs, but should not last much longer. This is because of a healing process to help your body protect itself. I recommend taking Aleve ( Naproxin)  or Ibuprophen ( do not ever exceed more than the dose recommended on labels)  can cause stomach ulcers or severe internal bleeding. 

Work on problems such as frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, shoulder- neck tension, hip rotations, wrist pain, arthritis, and we work with your natural healing from just getting out of surgery, or helping to get you back into the move of things. 

sports-massage-benefitsMuscular-System, Curtisy Massage therapy can ease your entire body

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Sports Massage Therapy is for many different  Athletic sports, or even the sitting at a desk.

Sports Massage:

( this gets you the best and longer time but can be a challenge for some) You will feel it and may be painful but in a great way! 

 A sports massage in my office is with a relaxation massage first, then goes into more deep tissue, this helps the body relax so we can do some stretching of the Arms, shoulders, legs, hip flexors, and or all other movements in the body. This doesn't tend to hurt but I do say this we do reach a point of the stretch that you wouldn't normally get on your own. It's quite amazing realizing how much you can actually push yourself into a stretch with my help. This massage also helps get rid of many tight areas, and loosen up the tendons and muscles. 


Medical Pelvic floor massage( see the medical pelvic floor massage page for info)

 You can be covered with a sheet or towel.

Draping is up to the client unless you are not acting professional.  But it is not necessary if that's what you prefer). To us a body is just that> a body we are all professionals and provide care in a professional manner. It is fully private when it comes to the room.The room is set at 75*  but because of the nature of winter we try to have it as warm as possible. The music is arranged in specific sessions. If you prefer a different type of music then we will try our best to have it or something similar to it.  Please nothing with "screaming" or "rap"  YOU have the choice of lotion, or oil. (The lotion we have already has specific amount of oil) No mess or worry about getting cloths stained or that Yuck feeling.

I will not tolerate sexual behavior including  advances, favors, be intimidated by any person with sexual remarks this is not ok, nor do we want to  be touched. You will act like respectable person.. we really hate the need to put this on my website but we have had some real winners.