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Welcome to Curtisy Massage Therapy!! 




Massages are very relaxing and can change your entire day  or even for some it has put the positive back into their life. I listen to everything you say and will try my best to get you back into A+ zone.. Remember Massage' are not supposed to be uncomfortable or embarrassing. If your massage seem to be plain and you're still in pain come see me!!  

A bad massage is a sad massage!!  

Answer these questions and then you'll realize you should come see me 

1. Do you hate going to a spa?

            2. Do you feel worse than you did going in? 

            3. Do you end up smelling like "" who knows? 

            4. Do you see the same person? 

            5. Do you switch Therapist often yourself? 

            6. Do you get a sheet or blanket piled on you and hate it?

            7. Do you pay for half assed massages? 

            8. Do you hate them missing important parts that are                      hurting such as buttocks?

            9. Do I need to ask any more questions?

            10. Are you ready to switch? 

Well what are you waiting for? An invitation? 

Make your 



Fun facts

Your skin is the largest organ. Answer these questions

sciatica, pain in the ass, leg pain, pelvic area pain, depression and anxietyDo you have unexplained pain, 

such as sciatic, knee, hip, back , , and or other pains. 

Problems concentrating, focusing  problems

Irritated with your every day life issues such as the ritual of wake up, eat, run to work, run home, or something like that? 

Sitting to long at a desk? Sitting in a car or long distances??

diagram for sciatica ( not a video)Unexplained  sleep patterns, or sleep disturbances? 

Having  headaches

Are you stressed and having all the above issues? 

Low or hardly any energy

Feelings of the "blahs"

Are you looking for a new therapist that will explain and actually understand your issues?  ( if your already a customer then your answer is no) 

200 muscles that might get discussed in a gym

100 more muscles that are pretty obscure, but any self-respecting massage therapist still knows about them

Every one wishes they would be stress free and pain free, It can start here at Curtisy Massage Therapy400 more muscles that are counted, but various specialists know about them, and a handful of them are of special interest..

That's a whopping 700, but there's many many more. You can look up on the web. 


I am very thankful you decided to take time to visit .

I follow many new important studies that may affect you and your body. I try to update as much as possible and make it easy to follow.


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Tiger reducing his stressRelaxing your inner tiger with massage! 


Pelvic area Aura's