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Address and location

Read the website before contacting me.. the hours and massages are on here and so is the prices its all listed if you just look!  Thank you and I hope to hear from you 


Office hours are and no other exceptions!

Monday:12 pm till 6 pm (if scheduled in advanced)

Tuesday :12 pm -7 pm

Wednesday: 12 pm-7 pm

Thursday: 12 pm-7 pm

Friday: 12 pm till 6 pm (if scheduled in advanced) 

Note: you should contact me prior to 9 am for a noon appointment, and I may or may not be in the office when you decide to contact me late! I do not sit around waiting for people to decide last second. Please be courteous and try to schedule before.. I am sure all of you do not do last second appointments at what ever you do in life! Do not expect another professional person to do the same..

No weekends or Holidays are available  ever!

Curtisy Massage Therapy

Address is 

1345 Monroe NW 

Grand Rapids MI 49505 

Directions are a must follow.

Parking is around back of building and entrance is next to the loading docks where it says MAIN ENTRANCE.NOT IN FRONT OF  OR NEXT TO THE BUILDING.. no other entrance is available and I will not be able to find you!! Elevator or stairs up to 3rd floor to suite 322 

Please wait down the hall and text up on arrival 

Appointments are always a bit late.

 Remain here and I will get to you asap. Usually no longer than 15 mins of a wait but please show up on time.