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About the Massage Therapist

                                              A LITTLE ABOUT ME IN MY CAREER LIFE



Pets, helps me to resist stress and anxiety.

Healing anxiety and stress

I hope everyone is having a great day and time reading through this website. 

                                 The research page, the cancer page, and some other words are simply a copy and paste from actual doctors, and patients. The editors are responsible for bad spelling and run on sentences, and or any other errors. I cannot correct those. It would be considered as plagiarism. 


                                       A little info about me 

My name is Parri Curtis,  I am the sole owner and the only therapist in my business. 

I first started as a CNA or Caregiver in my first part of an adult life. 8 yrs of taking care of a lot of elderly clients, in their homes, as well as in a nursing facility. Watching over the everyday activities and the well being of the fine people. I loved being their when they really needed someone. I decided to venture out into studying the human body as a whole, and to place myself into Massage Therapy. I started my journey in Baker College in Cadillac MI.  I became certified and Licensed in 2005. I found in doing massages helps me  better understand people. We are all different and there is not an actual textbook to explain what is the reasoning behind any ones stress, anxiety, depression, chronic pain or any other types of issues relating to health. In my sessions, I treat everyone with respect, listening to you health related concerns. I may not have the answer to everything, but I damn will try my best to relieve you of your levels of stress. I have lived here in Michigan all of my life. 

Every day is a hassle even for me to deal with this off and on crazy weather. I myself have many health issues, but I never show it. I deal with the burden of chronic aches and pains. Seems like everyday is a different ache or things that even to me doesn't make sense. 

It makes me stronger and more patient to better understand what you may be going through. I have seen many many countless clients over the years suffering from anything from just tension headaches to most serious migraines. I have worked with cancer victims ( in which you are not a victim) and survivors. I understand the complex depression of what it can do. I have devoted myself to a better understanding of the client. With this said we will start your journey. 

Thanks for reading, hope to see you soon. 

Parri Curtis